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My own website?

Show www.123a123b.com to your customers,tell them yours member id from www.aaaagoods.com ,then you can open your business your there.

Your own site setting steps

1.Enter http://www.123a123b.com/admin_user/mycomlogin.aspx
2.put in the user name and password[member id and passwords from http://www.aaaagoods.com]
3.Click the “System Set” button,you will see the following information(including 9 parts ):

 About us
 contact us
 payment way
products set
update logo
4.Click on each part respectively, input the appropriate content or something you want to tell your cutomers .remember to Click the “update” button after finished each content of 9 parts .
5.After you completed the content of the 9 parts , your own site will be set up immediately and perfectly .
6. If you do not know how to fill in the blank of 9 parts , please refer to the following example:

user name: jhon
passwords: 13959596628

                      How to manage your own website background :
1. Enter http://www.123a123b.com/admin_user/mycomlogin.aspx

2. put in the user name and password
3.Click on the “Order Manage”button ,you will see the following sections :
Unsettled orders

Unsent orders
Sent orders
Member manage

4. *Click on “unsettled orders”, you will see all the orders that your customers submit .
*Click on each order “Details”, you will see the specific content of each orders
*You can give clients a different deal price depending on the amount of ordering good .,
*Click on the”update” button (which is on the right of the “deal price button” ), you can adjust the total price of the order .
*Click the “delete” button according to the customer’s request to remove the product . *Fill in the different number to the appropriate fields of size below, you can change the orders according to customer requirements
*Fill in the product ID #, click on the empty bar beside the product ID, then click the “add product” button, you can add the products according to customer requirements.*Select the “bar status” behind the order number and click on the “update” button , you can change the order state.
*Click on the “Remark”button ,you can writhe everything you want to tell your customers in the Remark column.*Click on the member id, you can see all the orders history of your customer .5.You can contact with customers according to the email address or phone number inside the customer’s order .
6.Click the “submit order” button (pay attention to this button ) and follow the prompts to fill in the content ,that means you submit your customer’s order directly to our website  www.aaaagoods.com

1.Business Email: aaaagoods@188.com   2.chat with salesman on website 

         sevice monitor Email: 870478695@qq.com

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